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Art is too important not to share.
- Romero Britto -

Are you an independent artist trying to get your name out there?

We are looking for talented artists just like you! We work with independent artists all over the world and print their artwork on our products that can be found across the U.S. and online. If you have experience designing artwork for greeting cards or notebooks and think your art could be a great fit for Twigs, apply to join our amazing community of artists!  

Artist submissions are always open – just follow the link below. Unfortunately, because we receive so many submissions, we cannot guarantee our response to every submission. 

Why become part of the Twigs community?

We value the time and effort it takes to master your craft as a creative. We know that each design, no matter how simple or small, is really the culmination of years of tinkering and refining your skill. So, all our artists maintain full ownership of the rights to their artwork and receive competitive royalty-based compensation.

How to become an artist


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Submit your application

Click the link to submit your application. Be sure to complete the required fields.


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Expect an email

After reviewing your submission and portfolio, we will reach out to you via email to set up a phone call.


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Receive your contract

After a short discussion to see whether we’re a good fit for each other, you will receive your contract!

Artists we’ve recently welcomed to the family

Stacey Day

California, USA

Michelle Vinson

Pennsylvania, USA

Mandy Arroyo

Oregon, USA

Chelsea Sia

London, UK

Maria Ross

Leicester, UK

Nikki Swiderski

Florida, USA

Sophie Duncan

Manchester, UK

Cuyler Black

New Jersey, USA
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Unfortunately, we cannot accept all artist submissions. If you have not heard from us within a month from the date of your submission, it has not been accepted. Please refrain from submitting more than once every six months. If you’d like to receive more details about working with us, such as royalty rates or information pertaining to our contract, please email submissions@twigspaper.com

Questions & Answers

Q: What is the royalty percentage?

We offer a 10% royalty on net sales.

Q: Can I promote the products on my social media?

Yes, but there are a few guidelines and best practices that will be outlined.

Q: Can we submit any artwork we want or only certain categories?

Although we are typically looking for specific categories at any given time, we accept artwork submissions for all categories during any time of the year.

Q: Why was my application rejected?

We receive a lot of submissions and unfortunately can’t accept them all for different reasons. It could be that we have an artist with a very similar style, or that the style of artwork doesn’t fit with our vision. That being said, we welcome submissions from everyone who has an interest in having their art place on stationery products.