Our Story

Who we are and what we’re striving for

Since day one our goal has been to make eco-friendly products more accessible.

Hands holding a Thank You Eco Card with a Lion Illustrated on it.A woman cutting recycled paper, used to create and pack eco-friendly products.

We love this beautiful planet and we believe it’s incredibly important to take care of it. Our decision to go green was a no-brainer but we also want to make it something that’s easy for everyone to do.

We believe even the smallest choices we make can have a significant impact over time. That’s why it’s our goal to make eco-friendly alternatives more accessible than ever.

We make all our products entirely from recycled paper - right down to our packaging and the mailers we use to ship your order. That means no trees are cut down or destroyed and all of the paper we use is made from post-consumer waste.

To ensure we leave an even smaller footprint, we only print with eco-inks and non-toxic digital toners. We are always exploring new ways to incorporate sustainability into our process.
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“We founded Twigs in 2017 with the idea of creating sustainable alternatives for everyday paper products. Everyone knows the paper industry creates an enormous amount of waste, but we figured it just doesn’t have to be that way since recycled paper is so readily available. We wanted to make sure that everything we do, we do with the environment in mind without ever sacrificing quality. ”

A zoomed in image of big green leaves.
A bundle of cards packed in paper, decorated with flowers around.
A pack of greeting cards with whale illustration on it, tied with a cord.A pack of old carton boxes used for recycling paper.

Our values

Doing right by the environment

By sourcing the best recycled paper, printing with eco-inks, and shipping plastic free, sustainability touches upon every part of our process. Learn more about our sustainable processes.

Being open about sourcing

We have nothing to hide. All our materials are ethically sourced from reputable vendors from within North America and we are proud to support local and small businesses whenever we can.

Raising awareness about the merits of purchasing sustainable products

Going green doesn’t have to be an ordeal. The smallest choices we make have the potential to benefit the environment. So, let’s take them one at a time.

Working with small businesses and supporting our local economy

We recognize the importance of the American small business community and support buying local whenever possible.

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